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One thought on “18-45 Segment 2: Leprosy in the Modern Era

  1. Having people portend with Hansons disease, also known as leprosy, reminds me of the fact, that people with any kind of intellectual, physical and or psychiatric disability used to have to be quarantined as adults. And that we still do that to blind children today. Today, a lot of parents still don’t allow their blind children to be integrated into normal classrooms, unless of course there in special day special Ed classes. And even that’s a quarantine. Luckily, we’re starting to integrate people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. But we also need to integrate blind children as well, as they do not deserve to be quarantined at the California school for the blind, or as I Collett, the Kalifornia Center for mental hygiene for the blind.

    Rick Hodgkins.

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