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Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are about four times more likely than other workers to be attacked on the job, usually by patients or family members, and most often in the emergency department. Experts discuss how and why attacks occur and how hospitals and health care workers can do a better job preventing them.

Egg Donation for Family and Friends

Egg donation can solve infertility, but it can be a minefield of emotional risks, especially if the donor and recipient are family or friends. An author/journalist who has donated twice with vastly different results discusses the technology and what to look out for when approaching egg donation.


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Long Term Psychological Damage of Natural Disasters

Mega-storms such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria disrupt uncounted lives and leave psychological scars that can last for decades and recur every hurricane season. Experts who have tracked survivors of Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago explain what survivors of new storms can expect in their lives.

“Broken Heart Syndrome”

When a person suffers a severe emotional shock, they may suffer what looks like a heart attack but is actually what doctors call “stress cardiomyopathy.” Most patients recover but the condition can be fatal, confirming that it is possible to die of a broken heart. An expert explains.


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Overwhelmed Teens:

High schoolers in high achieving suburbs & private academies are often pushed to do more and more, and do it well. It creates a culture of pressure that may have severe mental health consequences. Experts discuss where the pressure comes from and what parents can do about it.

A Doctor Who Can Really Feel Your Pain:

Dr. Joel Salinas has mirror touch synesthesia, a condition involving cross-wiring in the brain. The result is that visual stimuli prompt a response in his touch system. He literally feels it when people experience pain. Salinas discusses how this strange condition works and how he is able to use it in diagnosis.