18-52 Segment 2: Epilepsy Myths

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Epilepsy affects 3.5 million Americans, yet stigma prevents many from speaking out, which in turn prolongs the stigma. An award-winning writer who has epilepsy describes the discrimination faced by people with seizure disorders and dispels the many myths many people hold about them.


  • Kurt Eichenwald, author, A Mind Unraveled

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15-11 Story 1: Workplace bullies


Synopsis: Studies estimate that at some point in their careers, 35 percent of workers will be bullied badly enough to affect their health. Experts discuss the reasons for workplace bullying, the outcomes, and some of the few ways to prevent it.

Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Dr. Gary Namie, Director, Workplace Bullying Institute; Meredith Fuller, psychologist and author, Working With Bitches: Identifying Eight Types of Office Mean Girls and How to Deal With Them

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