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Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are about four times more likely than other workers to be attacked on the job, usually by patients or family members, and most often in the emergency department. Experts discuss how and why attacks occur and how hospitals and health care workers can do a better job preventing them.

Egg Donation for Family and Friends

Egg donation can solve infertility, but it can be a minefield of emotional risks, especially if the donor and recipient are family or friends. An author/journalist who has donated twice with vastly different results discusses the technology and what to look out for when approaching egg donation.


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The Risks of Egg Donation

Some agencies estimate that 50,000 children have been born in the US using donor eggs. But egg donation (or sale, as some insist) is not regulated, and while short term risks are known, few donors have been followed for years. Long term risks are not well understood. Experts discuss what we know… and what we don’t.

Social Jetlag

New studies show that changing your weekday sleep schedule by sleeping in as a little as an hour every weekend can have severe health impact. Experts discuss this “social jetlag,” why it occurs, and how people can avoid health concerns without avoiding staying out late.