18-43 Segment 1: Exploding Myths about the Flu and Flu Vaccines

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About 40 percent of eligible people have been vaccinated against the flu in recent years, but many more might do so were it not for persistent myths about the disease and its vaccine. For example, a new survey shows that more than half of parents believe the flu shot can cause the flu. Experts explain why those myths aren’t true and set the record straight.


    • Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventive Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
    • Dr. Jean Moorjani, pediatric hospitalist, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, Orlando, FL
    • Dr. Michael Deem, Professor of Bioengineering, Physics & Astronomy, Rice University

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15-05 Story 2: The flu: It’s bad this year


Synopsis: The 2014-2015 flu season started much earlier than normal and so far has been much more severe than usual. Experts explain how this year’s mismatch occurred between the flu vaccine and the predominant strain of flu, and how people can protect themselves in spite of the ineffective vaccine.

Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Helmut Albrecht, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases & Heyward Gibbes Professor of Internal Medicine, University of South Carolina. Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Click here for the transcript.