18-30 Segment 1: An Unusual Court Challenge to Obamacare

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A number of court cases have challenged the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, and the federal government has always defended the law—until now, and a Federal Court case brought by the State of Texas. With the stakes increased, experts discuss what the government’s reversal means to consumers.


  • Dr. Paul Ginsburg, Director, Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy, University of Southern California and the Brookings Institution
  • Timothy Jost, Emeritus Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University

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16-51 Segment 1: Healthcare Under Trump: What To Expect

Health Insurance Protection Risk Assessment Assurance Concept


The incoming Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans have made “repeal and replacement” of the Affordable Care Act one of their primary goals. But there are many options in how it might be replaced, and some popular aspects of Obamacare will likely remain. Experts discuss likely scenarios and how they would affect Medicaid, Medicare, insurance exchanges and the overall market.

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