19-15 Segment 1: The Miracle of Transplants

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Organ transplantation has dramatically changed lives and is raising hopes it could do even more for millions of people. But getting where we are has not been easy. A transplant surgeon traces the history of transplant research and notes the courage to fail among pioneering researchers and patients.


  • Dr. Josh Mezrich, Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and author, When Death Becomes Life: Notes From a Transplant Surgeon

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15-10 Story 1: Measles and Vaccination

Synopsis: Measles is more widespread than it has been in years. The current measles outbreak in several states has prompted questions about the responsibility of parents to have their children immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases. Experts discuss this “social contract” cited by courts since colonial times, and why highly-contagious measles is a good test case for the rights and responsibilities of parents.

Host: Reed Pence. Guests: Dr. John Swartzberg, Clinical Professor Emeritus, University of California Berkely School of Public Health; Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Disease, Vanderbilt University; Alta Charo, Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics, University of Wisconsin

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